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The boundaries, colors, denominations, and other information shown on any image or map in the website do not imply any judgment or endorsement on the part of ACBF concerning the delimitation or the legal status of any territory or boundaries. In no event will  ACBF be liable for any form of damage arising from the application or misapplication of maps or any associated materials.

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Africa Capacity Index

The Africa Capacity Index (ACI) is the Africa Capacity Report (ACR) primary index, and the signature trademark, which is published annually by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). The ACI is a composite index computed from four sub-indices, each of which is an aggregated measure calculated on the basis of both a quantitative and a qualitative assessment of various components that form a cluster.



Recognized as the fastest growing region in the world with enormous natural resource potential, Africa offers vast opportunities in terms of new technologies, investments, access to potential markets, and new types of consumers. This explains the growing interest of countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, etc.


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Africa's skill gap affecting economic growth
Add value to home-grown policies

Executive Secretary's Corner

  • Harare | 14 Nov, 2014 | Prof. Emmanuel Nnadozie

    The 2014 annual summit of the Group of 20 developed and emerging economies comes up from Nov. 15 to Nov. 16 in Australia.



  • November
    24 - 25
    Coordination for effective Tobacco Control in Africa
    Harare, Zimbabwe
  • December
    08 - 10
    Executive Board Meeting
    Harare, Zimbabwe

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Grant Making

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