ACBF Corporate Procurement

The African Capacity Building Foundation procures quality goods and services for its own institutional use. ACBF procures its requirements at competitive market prices using the most appropriate procurement methods as determined by the estimated value and/or nature of goods and services being procured in the most economic  and efficient way. ACBF Procurement draws its experience and support from multilateral development banks (MDBs), and its key development partners. ACBF continues to ensure that its Procurement systems and processes are consistent and adapted to reflect what is considered “international best practices in Procurement”. The ACBF’s procurement policies and procedures are designed to promote fairness and equal treatment of vendors.

The policies on procurement financed by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) (hereafter “the Foundation”) are defined in the Foundation’s Procurement Guidelines for ACBF Grant Recipients and sub grantees.

The procurement methods used by the Foundations are:

a. For Goods, Works and Non-consulting Services

International Competitive Bidding, National competitive Bidding, Shopping, Direct Contracting

b. For Consulting Services - Firms

Quality Cost Based Selection, Quality Based Selection, Consultant Qualification Selection, Least Cost Selection, Fixed Budget Selection, Single Source Selection

c. For Consulting Services – Individuals

Individual Consultant (Competitive selection)
Individual Consultant (Single Source Selection)

Where open competitive bidding is used, procurement notices are advertised through this site and/or relevant publications or websites. Interested vendors may go to Corporate Procurement Notices for tender notices.

To register as a supplier in African Capacity Building Foundation’s Supplier Database.

The underlying principles for ACBF are fairness, transparency and integrity to guide the Foundation’s staff in carrying out all its institutional procurement activities.

Contact Us

For institutional procurement-related and supplier registration-related questions and concerns, contact:

The Procurement Specialist, Procurement Unit on
African Capacity Building Foundation, 2 Fairbairn Drive, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe, Tel:   +263 4 304663 /304622 /332002 /332014

The remarkable achievements ACBF has registered over the past 26 years is not by accident in our opinion. They have come through hard work, dedication, commitment, purposeful leadership, support from the member countries as well as productive partnership building.

Mr. Lamin Momodou MANNEH, Director, UNDP Regional Service Centre for Africa , ,

The recognition of ACBF as the African Union’s Specialized Agency for Capacity Development launches the beginning of a new era for capacity building by ACBF, which will require an appropriate level of political commitment and financial support from all stakeholders.

H.E. Erastus Mwencha, Chair, ACBF Executive Board , ,

Ghana’s partnership with ACBF is a tremendous blessing for us and therefore the opportunity for Ghana to host the 26th ACBF Board of Governors Meeting is something that we treasure. 

Hon Ken Ofori Atta – Minister of Finance, Ghana , ,

Africa needs ACBF as much, probably more now, than at the time it was created in 1991.

Hon. Goodall Gondwe, Chair of the ACBF Board of Governors and Minister of Finance – Malawi , ,

ACBF has been granted the status of a specialized agency because of the potential to transform Africa through capacity development.


H.E. Thomas Kwesi Quartey, Deputy Chairperson, AU Commission , ,
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