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PROFAP Magic and Chad’s Success

28 Sep, 2016

Once ravaged by conflict, the Republic of Chad has managed to pursue a developmental trajectory likely to take the entire African continent by surprise. In its quest to develop, it has engaged in the Public Administration Officers Training Support Project (PROFAP), supported by ACBF.

PROFAP’s goal is to improve the efficiency of Chad’s public administration in managing the country's development programs. The objective is to enhance the knowledge and skills of Chad’s public administration officers by improving their access to training. PROFAP’s monitoring and evaluation tool has two focal points, one with ENA and the other with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

The Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Employment’s Department of Training and Internship head, Mr. Batablang Nayaouno, testifies that the monitoring and evaluation system, the “forgotten wheel” of many projects and programs in Chad, is already a laudable initiative.

“But it is especially the fact that the coordinators make it a point to make the operations as inclusive as possible, that is one of the cornerstones of PROFAP’s credibility,” explains Nayaouno. After each training seminar from PROFAP, he was able to give his detailed assessment and objective.

This obvious willingness to improve the training to best meet the capacity building needs of government officials testifies to PROFAP’s seriousness in fulfilling its mission. PROFAP has gained a growing reputation over the years of its implementation as evidenced by requests made ​​to it and its interaction with policymakers.

Nayaouno also acknowledges PROFAP’s support for the Triennial Training Plan (2015, 2016, and 2017), which is currently under review for approval by the Minister of Public Service, Labor, and Employment.

During the 2015 academic year, staffers were trained in public sector management at the University of Yaoundé II, thanks to PROFAP’s help. PROFAP’s choice was not accidental, given that an effective and motivated civil service to formulating implementing economic policies, producing and distributing public goods and services, and managing public expenditure.

The reform of public service involves creation of a government workforce with the skills, incentives, ethics and responsibility needed to provide quality public services and perform the functions assigned to the State.

Perhaps most revealing of PROFAP’s reputation is its hosting of a capacity building project for officers from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, funded by the World Bank. This choice was motivated by PROFAP’s training experience and credibility.

ACBF's financial support to our institution has helped us a great deal. We look forward to continued partnership with ACBF in pursuit of capacity building in STEM for Africa's sustainable development.

Prof. Burton Mwamila , Vice Chancellor , The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology

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Dr. Hesphina Rukato , Development Consultant , Great Dyke Investments

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Phelekezela Mphoko , Vice-President , Zimbabwe

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Addoulaye Mar Dieye , UNDP Director Regional for Africa ,

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President Paul Kagame , President , Rwanda
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